832 East Locust Street
Milwaukee, WI  53212
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KRS Hair, Skin & Nails
 Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, strengthen, uplift, warm and encourage people through beauty.  We recognize that when people feel beautiful we are at our best.  When we feel full and exuberant we are able to share the best parts of ourselves with the world around us.  Our purpose is to be a part of that sharing, to help others generate that initial feeling of goodness that propels them to enhance the world around them.  Our goal within that purpose is to help our guests seek light within themselves so that they may project it upon their communities, that it may spread to the world at large; thereby attracting more physical, spiritual and financial positive energy. Upon projecting that light, our prayer is that each guest will allow it to return to themselves, receiving all of the gifts that the light brings.  Our mission is to spread light, one eyebrow, facial, hair cut, and pedicure at a time. We hope that you will receive these gifts with the love in which they were sent!
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